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Standing below the famous Trenčín Castle, Trenčín is a city of rich history. It belongs to the most important cities of Slovakia, with an abundant cultural and social life. Dominant of the city of Trenčín and the whole Váh river valley, Trenčín Castle is the venue for various concerts, medieval games and attractive night tours all year long. The castle was made famous mainly by its most powerful owner, Mathias Csaky of Trenčín, also called the "Lord of Váh River and Tatry Mountains". Maybe the most famous one is the Well of Love, 80m deep.

Monuments in the historic city centre are a part of the city monument reserve. The Roman military settlement called Laugaricio is the northernmost proof of expansion of the Roman legions of the Emperor Marcus Aurelius in Central Europe. The inscription on the steep wall of the Trenčín Castle rock carved to commemorate the victory over the tribe of Quadi in 179 is accessible to visitors today from the glass niche of Hotel Elizabeth. It is only a stone's throw from the Hotel to the most significant monuments of Trenčín.